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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homework - 13/7/11 Wednesday

Maths : Claims by Antonio , Benedict and Celine . We have to prove the person ,that we are assigned to , is correct by substituting numbers in the expression .

A:If U are Antonio, give examples to tell people that U are correct about your claim. (Antonio says, (a+b)^2 is always greater than a^2 + b^2 

B:Benedict sits on the fan. He says, "Sometimes this is true, sometimes it isn't." So, if you are Benedict, tell people why you think so?

C:  Celine says, "Never!!!" She claims that (a+b)^2 cannot be greater than a^2 + b^2. If you are Celine, then you have to tell people why you think in this manner.

I am in group C. I have to prove that Celine's claim is correct .

Try to complete it by Thursday ( best to do during CST period) 

Due date: 14/7/11 Thursday 

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